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The festival "Suspaustas Laikas" ("Compressed Time") started its journey in Lithuania and the exploration of alternative cinema and art in the summer of 2016 in Nida. "Suspaustas Laikas" fosters a space where non-traditional forms of cinema and art, and means of expression (hybrid films, non-narrative and analogue cinema, technological and procedural experiments in cinema) are explored and where lovers of cinema art have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the medium, to learn about the evolution of the language of cinema and the newest technologies used in it. Particular attention is paid to the exploration of the concept of the cinematograph and the presentation of films that analyse the limits of this medium.


The festival aims to inspire participants to engage in cinematic experimentation as inspiration and to provide the opportunity and tools to enjoy, understand, create, explore and share cinema in all its forms. It also aims to create a lasting platform for presenting, experiencing and learning from the latest and most relevant film and art trends in the world.

The festival idea

The idea of the project was born out of a need and a niche to present an alternative to the widely known and screened cinema. Until recently, only small groups of people were aware of the existence of cinematic avant-garde and experimental cinema, which opposed the mainstream film industry through its dominance of non-linearity and radicalism in the cinematic language. However, with the advent of digital technologies and innovative developments in electronic media and the internet, the situation in filmmaking has changed radically.


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